Yearly cultural festivals of Hungary

Every year during late spring early summer the Millenaris Park is covered with delicous fragnances of Hungarian cuisine. The Gourmet Festival, is Hungary’s most prestigious and diverse gastro event. The event provides an opportunity for visitors to sample the tastes from the country’s best restaurants in one location.

Adventures in Hungary

There have always been plenty of opportunities for recreation in Hungary. Whether it’s exploring nature or just a pleasant adventure in the woods, there is an endless source of possibilities for unique adventures. Whether it’s an incentive trip, team building or just an individual getaway, we can come up with a great idea for every possibility.

Bathing Culture Thriving in Hungary since the Romans

When it comes to free time activities during your conference, workshop event, there is always a nice opportunity to offer some spa treatment for your guests. Not only Budapest, the capital, but Hungary is basically the land of spas. We show you some of our favourites!