Bathing Culture Thriving in Hungary since the Romans

When it comes to free time activities during your conference, workshop event, there is always a nice opportunity to offer some spa treatment for your guests. Not only Budapest, the capital, but Hungary is basically the land of spas. We show you some of our favourites!

Hungary is the world’s fifth largest thermal water power after Japan, Iceland, Italy, and France, thanks to its favorable balneological and geothermal potential. Today there are 278 certified wells with proven therapeutic properties in Hungary. The spas offer treatments, and many people also use the facilities for recreational and preventive purposes, offering a range of services.

Hévíz, for instance, has a special microclimate and its proximity to Lake Balaton has made it a spa town for hundreds of years, and it is at this time of year that it really shows its special face: the mysterious mist covering the lake is at its most visible.

You can also visit Hagymatikum in Makó which recently has been renewed and expanded. In addition, the spa has a partially covered thermal pool, a pool bar and a summer changing room with a sun terrace, and the green areas have been renewed. A special feature of the spa is a section based on Makovecz Imre’s drawings, evoking the mythical world of Atlantis, with unique sculptures and light shows.

In the Great Plain you can find several spas within 10-15 kilometers.

The real treasure of place is the „lake bath” that has been shaped into Cave bath. It has been excavated and channelled by water from hard bath stone cliff during thousands of years. The Cave bath of Miskolctapolca is unique in Europe, it is an unmatchable experience to bath in the swimming pool covered by nature, that has a nice temperature thermal water arisen depth of mountain, enjoy clear, fine air. Many swaer on curative power of cave bath, first of all thanks to nice and medicinal cave climate and warm karst water.