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Coffee culture of Budapest

Jet Travel has always been an advocate for culture and gastronomy. The coffee culture of Europe has become increasingly more dominant in Hungary, but especially in Budapest and we are all for it!
There is a huge cult of gastronomy in Hungary, especially in Budapest. We like to try the cuisine of any nation, and even experiment with it on occasion. In this blog post, we will focus on coffee culture and a newly opened venue and also Balaton’s award winning ice creams.

Coffee has an ancient culture across Europe, with the first café opening in Venice in 1624. The rich, dark-flavoured coffee has been associated with Italian coffee culture ever since. Since then, other trends have spread, with new-wave, lighter roasted coffees increasingly dominating the European market, including Budapest, where a wide range of top-quality specialty coffee shops are waiting for everyone to meet the many personalities of the most popular beverage.

Brand new Gundel brand for your next event!

Jet Travel can give you several ideas reagrding activities, if you want to have a MICE event tehre is a new cellar for that.

The iconic Gundel Restaurant has just opened its brand new venue, which is located under the historical restaurant near to the City Park, Hero’s Square.

This venue is something different but true to the Gundel quality. If you are looking for a smaller venue for your event, it could be a great choice with Hungarian style. The cellar has two separate rooms. The bigger one, which named after Károly Gundel’s wife, called Zsuzsanna room is ideal for 60 people, the smaller one can accomodate 30 person. What is interesting about this smaller room is that it will bear the name of each years Hungarian wine producer.

If you are visiting Budapest during the late spring, summer or early autumn season the great thing about this venue choice is that due to the cellar structure, the weather is always cold – even cool, after a warm citytour. But of course during winter, with candle lights and delicious food and of course high quality wines, the atmosphere will offer something special for your guests.

Jet Travel can give you several activity ideas in the cellar, if you would like to mix your event with a little twist.

Award winning ice cream arond the Lake Balaton

If you are planning to have an incentive trip to the lake Balaton here is one more reason to do so. For examlple with a bike!

This year, Lake Balaton’s best ice cream was chosen for the 11th time. The winner was Promenád Kávéház from Balatongyörök (northern shore) with its ice cream called ‘Balaton Mámor’ (‘Balaton Intoxication’).

“This special taste is a true masterpiece, dreamed up by our head pastry chef Jenő Vadócz. The Balaton Mámor is a walnut ice cream with caramelized red wine fig sauce, topped with caramelized walnut sprinkles,” Promenád Kávéház wrote on its Facebook page.

Source and photo: Hungary Today, Jet Travel DMC, Eventrend, Füge Fagyiudvar és Kávézó